Conversation with my Mother

Me:  I’m so tired of drama.  Of running around everywhere.  I just want things to stay the same for awhile so I can relax.  I want some status quo. Mother: You want status quo, Jessica?

Me:  Yes.

Mother: Do you know what status quo is? Status quo is standing at the sink with an apron, baking brownies and bread, waiting for your husband to come home and saying, Hi honey, did you get the lawnmower fixed, while he turns on the news. Status quo is having no dreams, no expectations, and taking no risks. Instead of looking for status quo, understand that things are always going to happen and that you will always adapt. And you thank god that a chimpanzee didn’t chew your face off. And that an axe murderer didn’t come in and chop your leg off. I had status quo. When I had Chandler and Rudd delivering my groceries, and an Amish nanny, and was married to the biggest dickwad on the face of the Earth. And I was not happy. I wouldn’t trade the life I have right here and now for any amount of gold in the world! And it has nothing to do with status quo. It has to do with being happy where you already are, and at the same time, pursuing what you believe you want, and not stopping until you get it. Not ever.

And that’s what’s real. So you can shove your Status Quo right up your fucking ass, ok Jessica. Meanwhile, I have to go, because Dean is taking me to the library. And if he dares touch my elbow, I will take my broken leg and shove it right into his fucking groin.

Me:  Thank you, Mother.

Mother: Any time, darling!