© 2011 by Jessica Kane.
All Rights Reserved.
Total running time: Approximately 79 Minutes

Two Sizes Too Small is the story of Paul Langley, a successful investment banker who is confronted one morning by the unfathomable reality that all of his shoes have shrunk two sizes too small. When Paul begins to panic, his charming but thoroughly narcissistic mother sets out to save the day and meets a doctor who specializes in shoe and foot dysfunction. But when Paul begins taking his new medication, the side effects are catastrophic!Two Sizes Too Small made its theatrical debut on August 13, 2010, at The Club at La MaMa in New York City as part of the New York International Fringe Festival. The actors in this recording are the original cast. It was recorded at Engine Room Audio in October 2010.

Cast and Crew:

Paul: John Wernke
Susan: Lorraine Serabian
Marylin: Minna Taylor
Narrator: Michael Douglass
Doc: Eric Purcell
Larry: Scott Janes

Piano/Original Score: Joe McGinty

Writer/Director/Producer: Jessica Kane
Production Manager: Daniel Morrow
Recording Engineer: Ivan Evangelista
Foley Effects, Mastering and Editing: Jessica Kane

Two Sizes Too Small Cover Painting: Jillian Sutton


“Jessica Kane has done something marvelous. Inside her briskly paced, robust comedy she weaves a provocative meditation on the nature of freedom. From her absurdist plotting emerges an insightful metaphor of an individual resisting a pre-programmed way of life. Comparisons can surely be made to Ionesco’s work, but Kane writes and directs with a post-millenial optimism that is all her own.”

– Excerpt of NYTheatre.com review by Jack Hanley, August 13, 2010 - Read the entire review here.

What some other people have said:

“I really really loved Jessica Kane’s show Two Sizes Too Small in the Fringe Festival! Brilliant writing and directing and performances – A moving show – with such a depth of characters.”

– Randi C.

“Really enjoyed Jessica Kane’s Two Sizes Too Small at the Fringe festival – Recommend!”

– June W.

“Really, it’s like drinking fresh water. It’s not something one has seen before. It’s original and real.”

– Holly V.

“I saw this and (of course) it was awesome! Never seen anything like it live. There is only one performance left, so check it out!”

– Jillian S.

“Saw the show yesterday and it is terrific! The audience had a great time as well as the performers… Cast is brilliant!”

– Amy L.

“Saw it, everyone should take the opportunity while they can! Fun show, well acted!”

– Rochelle B.

“I just loved it! I cried! Was very moved. The tone was something really special.”

– Abby L.