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Brautigan is the best thing that ever happened to me, but sometimes it's hard being a mother and an artist. :)

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Marriage, to me, is more a mortise of two people’s life-long themes, dead-ending into one another. It's not bliss that follows, in my opinion, but a chance for these two people to discover what the hell happened, find compassion for themselves and each other, and then have something in common to really laugh about.

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For those of us touched by Lyme. :)

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I remember being little and carrying the weight of all the stories I was secretly compiling about my own experiences. I wanted so badly to share them with someone who might have the time to understand and appreciate what I was going through. I longed for someone to tell me that my stories were special and beautiful, that they were worth telling. Sometimes just telling our stories gets them out into the light and oxygen where they can breathe and share their important messages with us. Every time I grew older, my younger self still wanted so badly to share her stories, so I went to work for her, trying to find someone who might have some time to listen. And I wish it hadn’t taken so long before it occurred to me that I was the person this young girl had been waiting for. Once I figured it out, I asked the little girl to tell me her stories. And her stories were wonderful stories - full of feelings big and small and magical. And I cherished each one instead of judging them or making them wrong. And finally that little girl had a chance to be heard and seen as the star of her own movie. Some of us parent our own children, some of us are parenting our own children within, and many of us do both at the same time. I hope my son will always feel free enough to share his stories, to know they matter.

Motherhood. :)

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Privilege is getting to see what you want, when you want, how you want.

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This one is an attempt to eliminate screen time guilt. Sort of.

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an illustration I made today about feeling overwhelmed and guilty at the same time. 

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This one is about how easy it is to see myself in so many parts and then see another as a whole unit, alive just to make my life difficult. :)

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Thought I’d turn an old dream I had into an illustration. I was so grateful for everything everyone said to me after my mother passed, but I suspect some people who have been in mourning will relate to this a little. Maybe. :)

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Just in Case the Ceiling Falls.

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