eating teh word food flat grey backgreound cropped brighter.jpg
noise from top and noise from rear editedfla croppedt copy sig.jpg

This one is an attempt to eliminate screen time guilt. Sort of. 

whole cell phone illustration fixed again again copy smaller.jpg

an illustration I made today about feeling overwhelmed and guilty at the same time. 

maybe somethign is missing with sig.jpg
receipt edited more skinnier arms more dpi no shadow.jpg

This one is about how easy it is to see myself in so many parts and then see another as a whole unit, alive just to make my life difficult. :)

thatasshole edited cropped flat edited.jpg

Thought I’d turn an old dream I had into an illustration. I was so grateful for everything everyone said to me after my mother passed, but I suspect some people who have been in mourning will relate to this a little. Maybe. :)

drain edited without drain fixed.jpg
raching cell pjhone flat larger head edited with more shadows.jpg
hang up my identity final white face fixed.jpg
I tried so hard final final.jpg
egosoulmixerfinalfixedwith words fixed.jpg
greatest deformity edited final.jpg
hypocrisy smaller.jpg
old lady for adults flatfinal.jpg
umbillacle cord smaller with words.jpg
marriage in the box signed.jpg
crows spirit animal text fixed featehrs fixed.jpg
dark night of the soul signed.jpg
how tired mothers shaped the world again.jpg
ideas lighter with arm.jpg
unresolved issues final light.jpg
as i get older quote less contrast.jpg

Just in Case the Ceiling Falls.

celing falling edited smaller final with hat shadow different color background.jpg
suitcaseheads fixed.jpg
look at that face cropped ears.jpg
aliens final final.jpg
raise your hand if you're a bad guy.jpg